SkyMaster USA

X-Treme Jets ARTF Kits

Welcome to the X-Treme Jets line. Don't let the price fool you! These kits are manufactured by Skymaster Jets and still have a lot of the same quality, build techniques, and details you would see on the the larger ARF Plus Pro kits. X-Treme Jets ARF's are designed for the "Sport Scale" modeler who is looking for that scale look in a smaller, less expensive jet. The X-Treme ARF's are complete with sport scale landing gear, gear and doors already installed, tanks, pipe, hardware, air cylinders, air kit, cockpit where applicable and almost all of X-Treme Jets air frames are externally painted! Other upgrade options are available. These ARF's are great for weekend flyers, Simi scale events and easier to transport than the larger jets. Enjoy our selection of X-Treme Jets below.

Skymaster USA only requires a 30% non refundable deposit for kits not in stock. Please select the items you want, add to cart, get your total cost. If the items are in stock, you can buy it now. If not, please contact us directly and we will process your order and collect your deposit. If you wish to order individual items, please call as there will be added shipping charges that will apply.

NOTE: Shipping charges are estimated and will be adjusted to actual price when kit is ready to ship.