Pacific RC Jets


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KingTech EPO Jets F16's:

Wingspan:1245mm, 49 inches

Length:1809mm, 71.2 inches

AUW Weight:7.5kg (14.3lbs) Flying weight 16.5lb with fuel

Sorry, not avalable in the Ultra Light Version

F-16 Manual PDF

Aircraft comes complete with the following

  • All digital Servos, control horns, linkages
  • Pre-wired Servos leads
  • Power distribution system and servo matching units 

 Factory Installed Landing Gear System

  • Electric Retracts
  • Scale Landing Gear struts
  • Gear doors
  • Gear doors servos 
  • Gear and door sequencers
  • Electric main wheel brakes

 Factory Installed Fuel System and pipe

  • Main Fuel tank 1350cc (45.6oz) 
  • Header Tank 120cc (4oz)
  • Thrust Pipe 
  • Fuel line
  • Fuel filter 

Factory Installed Light system

  • Navigation lights, landing lights and afterburner lights.

What you will need to complete and fly your jet  

  • (2) Receiver batteries: 9.9V LiFe 2000mah batteries
  • ECU battery: 3S 9.9V LiFe 2000mah battery
  • Transmitter and Receiver
  • KingTech Turbine Engine: If not Purchased with combo
  • Necessary safety and field support equipment

 CG and control through settings 

  • Set up control surfaces and CG to factory recommended settings