(NAVY) EPO V3 Super Vipers, Ships From Factory

Pacific RC Jets


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KingTech EPO Jets V3 Super Viper: 

Wingspan:1500mm, 59 inches

Length:1663mm, 65.47 inches

Servos:Digital, Dual Bearings, Metal Geared

AUW Weight:6.5kg (14.3lbs)

Super Viper Manual PDF

New V3 Super Viper features:

    • Hydraulic Struts
    • Dual Landing Gear bearings
    • Smoke System with 750ml (25.6oz) Smoke Tank
    • Upgraded UAT
  • Lighting System
  • Upgraded wire harness with single wing plug connector
  • Upgraded Control Surface Hinging
  • Upgraded metal canopy lock
  • Receiver equipment board
Aircraft comes complete with the following
  • All digital Servos, control horns, linkages
  • Pre-wired Servos and leads
  • Power distribution system and servo matching units 

 Factory Installed Landing Gear System

  • Electric Retracts
  • Landing Gear struts
  • Gear doors
  • Gear doors servos 
  • Gear and door sequencers
  • Electric main wheel brakes

 Factory Installed Fuel System and Pipe

  • Main Fuel tank 1350cc (45.6oz) 
  • Header Tank 120cc (4oz)
  • Thrust Pipe 
  • Fuel line
  • Fuel filter 

What you will need to complete and fly your jet  

  •  Minimum 8 Channel Receiver
  • (2) 9.9V LiFe 2100mah battery (RX)
  • (1) 9.9V LiFe 2100mah battery (ECU)
  • Transmitter and Receiver
  • KingTech Turbine Engine: If not Purchased with combo
  • Necessary safety and field support equipment

 CG and control throw settings 

  • CG (See Manual) from leading edge root of wings.  
  • Set up control surfaces to factory recommended settings







Retired NAVY Aviator and RC Jet Pilot, Chris Balling: It's the Navy Viper, but to the casual observer it looks like a T-45. Most importantly; however, to an old retired aviator it performs just like the Goshawk. The K-60 provides an over abundance of power (and the screen on the new GSU provides a WOW factor the first time you light it up). Two clicks of right aileron and one click of down elevator has this machine dialed in. The recommended throw settings for flight surfaces are much more than needed, so be careful on the first flight. Half throttle for six minutes leaves a bit more than half a tank of fuel remaining, found the factory balance to be spot on, and use about thirty percent in the 3 tiny Kingtec battery capacity per flight. One of the very nice things about this great little ride is that you put it in the car, drive to the field fly it, and have fun. Landings are a dream. By the way, the smoke is "thick and chewy". Lastly, this airplane is all quality.